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BizTalk Interview Questions - Schemas - Part 2

Hope you have read the previous blog for the interview questions on the Microsoft BizTalk Server based on the schemas. If not then please go here Schemas Part 1
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1.What is the Message?
Each message in BizTalk Server is considered a multi-part message and is made up of zero or more parts. Each message with one or more parts has one of these parts identified as the body part. Each part consists of a binary chunk of data which can represent an XML document, a flat file, a serialized .NET class, or other binary stream of data. You use the body part of the message to identify the type of the message that can be used for routing. See MSDN The BizTalk Server Message
2.What is the difference between BizTalk (Schema) Editor and BizTalk Schema Generator?
BizTalk Editor resides within the Microsoft Visual Studio shell. Some of the functio…
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BizTalk Interview Questions - Schemas - Part 1

I hope these series of blogs helps you in preparing for the Biz Talk expertise for clearing the interview and become the BizTalk Developer.
I have referenced many sites and blogs for these questionnaires, so please don't forget to give credit for the actual owner.
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1.What are Schemas and different type of Schema’s A schema is a term borrowed from the database world to describe the structure of data in relational tables. In the context of XML, a schema describes a model for a whole class of documents. See MSDN:  Different Types of BizTalk Schemas. 1) Document Schema:-Regular schema to define the structure of an XML instance message  2) Flat file schema: - A flat file schema defines the structure of a class of instance messages that use a flat file format, either delimited or positional or some combination.  3) Enve…

Solution for Candy Crush Facebook error "Cannot connect to facebook. you do not have access"

This is for iphone

If you are getting the following error in candy crush while connecting to facebook. And if you are ahead in iphone with more levels than facebook then do the following it is 100% working solution 1.first download the following app
2. Now connect your iphone and open the iexplorer app. In this in app section search for candy crush.

3. Right click on candy crush folder and export it on your drive. This will backup your current candy crush on your PC.

4.Now delete the candy crush app from your mobile and download and install again.

5. After installing start the candy crush and it will ask you to connect to facebook, and it will sync all the level of facebook.

6. So now to get to the previous level you again have to connect iphone to pc and open iexplorer app and search for candy crush app.

7. Now in iexplorer go to Candy Crush\Documents and click to import and browse to the same folder in your pc and select all files whose name…

issues about rowlock in sql.......

suppose if i am using rowlock in following manner

FROM Orders WITH( holdlock , ROWLOCK)
WHERE OrderID =100

then can u please tell me ..... untill how much it will hold this lock . because as soon as i execute this query ; simultaneously i can select the same query from another page. that means it is not holding a lock ...



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