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Solution for Candy Crush Facebook error "Cannot connect to facebook. you do not have access"

This is for iphone

If you are getting the following error in candy crush while connecting to facebook. And if you are ahead in iphone with more levels than facebook then do the following it is 100% working solution 1.first download the following app
2. Now connect your iphone and open the iexplorer app. In this in app section search for candy crush.

3. Right click on candy crush folder and export it on your drive. This will backup your current candy crush on your PC.

4.Now delete the candy crush app from your mobile and download and install again.

5. After installing start the candy crush and it will ask you to connect to facebook, and it will sync all the level of facebook.

6. So now to get to the previous level you again have to connect iphone to pc and open iexplorer app and search for candy crush app.

7. Now in iexplorer go to Candy Crush\Documents and click to import and browse to the same folder in your pc and select all files whose name…